Graduate Success

Shih-Ming Hsu (Zac Hsu)

Nationality: Taiwan
Foremost Travel
Web Administrator

When Shih-Ming Hsu (Zac) moved Down Under he was ready for a change. Not only a change in lifestyle, but also a change in career. Christchurch New Zealand gave him all that and more – fresh air, spectacular scenery, friendly people and a gateway to a promising new Web career.

What brought you to Yoobee School of Design?
Back home in Taiwan I was a construction contractor, but I was looking for a change in career direction. I liked the beautiful scenery and relaxing lifestyle New Zealand offered, and thought studying here would be a great experience. I’d heard Yoobee was one of the best design schools in the country, so I enrolled to study web development at the Christchurch campus.

Tell us about your Yoobee studies.
My course started with graphic design and taught me how to draw and process images. We then moved into front-end webpage coding, back-end programming, and knowledge of databases. Finally, we integrated all of these technologies and completed a project that met industry needs and standards. The training was really valuable – especially the work we did around website design trends, such as designing responsive webpages that fit most modern devices, and the MVC (Model View Controller) framework.  I really enjoyed my Yoobee studies. The classes were small, the atmosphere on campus was really nice, and all the computers were brand new with high specs.

What are you doing now?
I’m working as a web administrator for Foremost Travel, a small Christchurch-based travel company. In my role, I’m responsible for the development and maintenance of their websites, and I solve the company’s computer problems and provide technical support.

During my studies I created a website that sells stickers online, as part of my graduation project.  Customers can order customised name stickers, preview them and make payment all online. Back in Taiwan, all the kids use these stickers, so I thought it could be a good project to try in New Zealand. It has actually been really successful, and when I started at Foremost Travel my boss really liked the idea, so we are now continuing to work on it.

Thanks to Yoobee’s employment-focused teaching methods, I meet the needs of industry and have developed the initiative I need to be able to solve unexpected work challenges. The practical skills and experience I gained during my studies have meant transitioning into my new career has gone really smoothly, and I’m looking forward to becoming a more professional programmer, and helping my company grow.

To check out Zac’s work go to:

Foremost Travel
Foremost Travel is a small family-owned company based in Christchurch, offering exciting tour packages for international visitors. Foremost Travel has a wide range of popular tour options, plus a bespoke tour service for travellers wanting a specific New Zealand adventure. They also operate the AUKI International Student Service Centre, which provides a full range of services for international students looking to study in New Zealand and Australia.

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