Meet Khuzwane Holder


Khuzwane is a fan of all aspects of human creativity and says digital design – like digital music and recording – has unlocked a whole “other world” for creatives to explore. He loves engaging with others who like him, have a passion for creativity, and are striving to make it a main focus in their lives. That’s why his role as Student Enrolments Advisor at Yoobee is such a great fit. Khuzwane is a firm believer that if you follow your dreams, the universe will open doors for you, where before there were only walls.

Prior to joining the team Khuzwane was studying for his Diploma in Audio Engineering and Music Production.  He also has a Bachelor Degree in Commerce (majoring in Management) and has worked in a range of customer service roles in the tourism industry.

So Khuzwane, what’s something people might be surprised to learn about you?

“I can beatbox and do a bunch of crazy character voices.”

Khuzwane Holder: LinkedIn