Meet Nick Webster

Head of School - National

Nick originally joined Yoobee Wellington in 2010 as a graphic design tutor, quickly progressing onto Head of Graphic Design and then on to Academic Manager in 2012. Nick is now the Head of School for Yoobee and ensures that all campuses are running smoothly.

His background is in secondary school teaching, and he also has qualifications in Computer Studies, Graphic Design and Digital Media. 

Nick has an obsession with brands that infuse design into all elements of their products. The Wellington Campus provides Nick’s perfect working environment - he gets to spend every day surrounded by passionate, creative individuals who never cease to amaze and surprise him.

So Nick, what’s your greatest accomplishment?

Becoming a Head of Department by the time I was 30.  At high school my HOD challenged me to achieve this.  She was my mentor and one of the greatest inspirations in my life, so my proudest moment was telling her I had achieved it.

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