Wellington with a Twist

Concept Art Competition for secondary school students. Take an iconic Wellington landmark and add a twist of either dystopian, galactic, apocalyptic, medieval or fantasy realm elements (or all of the above!) to transform it into something out of this world! There are no limitations as to how much “twist” you add to your work.

Figure Image

Check out our Wellington With a Twist winners! 

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition and a huge thank you also to Gordon Harris who sponsored the competition.

School Holiday Programmes

Holiday Programme
2D Animation
Level3 days

Creating simple characters and backgrounds in two-dimensional environments which are often used in advertisements, films, TV, computer games and websites.

Holiday Programme
3D Animation
Level3 days

You will be learning how the entire process of building simple animations, understanding how the internal structure works and how to make your animation have basic interactions and functionalities such as flying, landing and moving.

Holiday Programme
Game Design
Level4 days

Design and create assets for your very own game in industry level programmes: Unity & Maya. From introduction level, understand the basics of game creation and 3D modeling.