Our Research Profile

Yoobee College of Creative Innovation brings together over thirty years of specialist education in the fields of creative and digital technologies.

Our objective is to be recognised as an education facility not only renowned for its expertise in industry training but also as a centre of research excellence.

Our vision is to build on the outstanding reputation of our tuition and the quality and innovation of our education programmes to become acknowledged as a reputable research - intensive institution.

Our aim is to be an exceptional higher - education destination of choice, and to continue to attract a healthy cohort of undergraduate and postgraduate research students in New Zealand, and internationally.

Our mission is to cultivate our collegiate of researchers and to nurture our research culture. We endeavour to encourage and mentor our body of research-active educators, to support and generate a lively environment of leading-edge, quality research activity and outcomes.

In turn, our goal is to pass on our knowledge, expertise, and mentorship to our undergraduate students and postgraduate research candidates.

The overarching aim of our undergraduate programmes is to guide students to think critically about their own work while accomplishing a level of literacy and self-awareness that allows them to prepare for the option of postgraduate study.


Our Research Team



Research Conferences and Symposia

Click here to view the In-house Research Symposium 2023.

Click here to view the Retro-futuristic Visions International Academic Conference 2023.

Click here to view the Media, Culture & Society International Academic Conference 2022.

Click here to download the In-house Research Symposium 2022.

Click here to download the In-house Research Symposium 2020.



Research News


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Yoobee In-House Tech Research Symposium 2023

On Wednesday 8 November 2023, Yoobee College of Creative Innovation held its first specialist in-house technology research symposium. Staff were asked to highlight their current role at Yoobee Colleges, and present their professional and academic backgrounds and qualifications, before discussing their passions and niche interests.

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Retro-futuristic Visions: Looking Back to Look Forward

The 2nd International Academic Conference of Yoobee College of Creative Innovation

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In-house Staff Research Symposium 2022

On Wednesday 31 August Yoobee Colleges held their annual in-house academic research symposium.

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Media, Culture, and Society: The Inaugural International Academic Conference of UP Education (Australia and New Zealand)

Hosted by Yoobee Colleges, UP Education brings together a group of accredited affiliated tertiary colleges across Australasia.

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UP Education Research Seminar Day

On Friday 6th November, Yoobee colleges took part in UP Colleges Australia and NZ Research/Scholarship Seminar Day.

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In-house Staff Research Symposium 2020

On Friday 10 July Yoobee Colleges held their second annual research symposium.

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Joint Research Conference 2019

On Friday 22 November from 1 – 4.30 pm NZMA, NZST and Yoobee Colleges are holding their first joint research conference. We are very excited about the collaboration and the 17 speakers that will showcase their research that is at various stages from just starting and planning, to fully completed with interesting results.




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