10 Yoobee Students Are Heading to Jakarta for a Metaverse Internship!

Yoobee Metaverse Mentored Internship - Indonesia 2022

A student writes in a notepad in front of a computer.

Yoobee College of Creative Innovation is proud to introduce the Yoobee Metaverse Mentored Internship — Indonesia 2022.

10 Yoobee students have been selected to head to Jakarta to build a metaverse!

Congratulations to the following students:

Tyler Trench (Bachelor of Animation, Hons/AKL)

Jordan Li (Bachelor of Software Engineering/AKL)

Leon Coertze (Bachelor of Animation/AKL)

Dylan Jackson (Bachelor of Animation/AKL)

James Gardner (Bachelor of Animation/AKL)

Chris Chong (Bachelor of Software Engineering/WGTN)

Saraia Hoffman-Houia (Bachelor of Animation/WGTN)

Nolene Human (Bachelor of Software Engineering/CHCH)

Mark Pepere (Bachelor of Software Engineering/CHCH)

Laura Graham (Bachelor of Animation/CHCH)

Ākonga/students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a company involved with the development of cutting-edge augmented reality on a global scale in Jakarta, Indonesia. Main expenses are included for this 12-week experience!

They will make a tangible difference to the enterprise while both expanding discipline concepts and skills, along with experiencing and learning vital skills for ongoing engagement with discipline innovators in a key off-shore market.

This internship is a collaboration between Yoobee College of Creative Innovation, WIR Group in Jakarta, Indonesia, and Giles Brooker Group, educational developers.

WIR Group is one of the pioneers in the Southeast Asian Augmented Reality (AR) technology industry that has developed solutions for numerous foreign companies by combining immersive technology such as Virtual Reality (VR) & Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Students will be heading to Jakarta on the 4th September, for 12 weeks, returning on the 30th November 2022.

Meet some of the students