Business is booming for Yoobee-trained graphic designer

Established graphic designer, Nicole Sos, is now the head of Studio True.

Photo of Nicole Sos at their desk.

Yoobee College of Creative Innovation alumni, Nicole Sos, has grown a successful career as a graphic designer, and is now the head of her own firm ‘Studio True’.

From a young age, she was drawn to creativity and art, with photography class emerging as her favourite high school subject. However, she faced uncertainty regarding her career path after completing secondary school.

Despite an OE being on the cards, Nicole decided to secure her future with a Level 5 Diploma in Digital Design at Yoobee College of Creative Innovation.

She says she made the right decision.

“The fact that my qualifications ran for only one year meant I could experience the creative field without having to commit to something long-term. Turns out it was the best decision I could have made. I loved it so much that I followed up my first diploma with another."

Enrolling in an extra year of study towards a Level 6 Diploma in Creative Design didn’t mean she was on the back foot of gaining work experience.

“My training even gave me the skills to start freelancing while I was still studying, which really gave me a head start in the industry. How great is that? I was able to earn money as a designer while I was still studying.”

“We were given an industry standard toolkit, like how to work with clients, and how to best set up a portfolio.

“I also loved learning these things in a small classroom environment, as opposed to a big lecture theatre where people would often fall into the background. I was fortunate enough to build close relationships with my tutors. I still keep in touch with them to this day.”

Nicole urges other students not to shy away from pursuing unconventional paths. She recalls feeling judged for choosing a "different" route and acknowledges that her parents, like many others, were unfamiliar with the opportunities vocational training could provide.

“It’s not all about the skills either, it’s also the confidence it gives you. I’m not the most ‘out there’ person, but doing vocational education and training empowered me to take control of my future.”

With renewed confidence, Nicole has gained her Bachelor’s degree to give her the work and world ready skills to succeed as a freelancer.

This article was sourced from Careers New Zealand.