Filmmaking ambitions pay off for South Seas graduate

Among his many achievements, Eric Farmer has worked on blockbuster film ‘Avatar’.

Photo of Eric.

Much has changed since Eric Farmer graduated with a Diploma in Film and TV Production from South Seas Film and Television School in 2012.

Among his many achievements, Eric has appeared on popular Kiwi television program ‘Shortland Street’ and produced the Hulu Studios animated film ‘Mosely’ which was nominated for Best Animated Feature Film in the 2019 Asia Pacific Screen Awards.

But it was his work on Avatar that ticked a lot of boxes for Eric in terms of his youthful ambitions to work on a blockbuster film.

Most recently, he worked as a production manager on James Cameron’s ‘Avatar: The Way of the Water’ for WetaFX, and even scored a small role in the film.

As production manager, Eric scheduled and organised production to ensure everything ran smoothly.

“It’s a huge, epic production. I would say it’s the most advanced VFX (visual effects) ever done... it’s the top of the top,” shared Eric.

Reflecting on his journey, Eric said there was always a degree of ambiguity about his career because most filmmaking roles were not something you simply applied for.

“I knew I couldn’t just go ‘I’m going to be a director of feature films in LA or Hollywood’ or something like that, that’s just not a profession or a job you can just apply for.”

“I had to be self-driven to enter the world of film and animation.”

While things have changed for present-day students, with improved access to software, cameras and online training, Eric said passion and an eagerness to learn were still important.

“Studios want to see passion and potential.”

“Be ready and available for opportunities when they come. Never cease to be teachable, eager to learn, and embrace mistakes along the way.”

This story was sourced from Warragul & Drouin Gazette.