Meet Nick Lucas

Student Success – Meet Nick Lucas

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Nick Lucas, a Yoobee Animation graduate is now working overseas in the industry as a Cinematic Animator for Cloud Imperium Games - an international independent game company with over 700 crew and 5 studios across the globe. Having always had a passion for animation, Nick joined Yoobee to specialise and grow his skills. He continued his studies at Yoobee all the way up until the Level 7 Diploma in Advanced 3D Production, where he graduated in 2021. Cloud Imperium are making the world’s greatest games – record-shattering space sim Star Citizen, and story-driven single-player epic Squadron 42, which Nick has been working on.

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Why did you choose Yoobee?

"I first heard about Yoobee from my parents, who were wanting me to specialise in something instead of staying in school. They had seen how passionate I was when it came to films, and decided it would be a good idea to enrol me in a level 3 course. I then continued my studies up to Level 7 advanced 3D production, which I finished at the end of 2021.

Yoobee helped me realize that I wanted to be an animator, as I originally joined wanting to be a VFX artist. They helped me understand Animation theory a lot more, and helped me to develop my skills."

How did Yoobee set you up for the future, and what is some advice you would like to give?

"The biggest thing Yoobee did for me was introducing me to some good friends that I collaborated with on a couple of films. Quite a lot of my third year at Yoobee was spent working as Co-producer and Lead Animator on a film called 'Shadow of the Republic', which was created by two other classmates and myself.

My advice to young aspiring creatives is whatever projects you do, get them online. Show them to the world. The main thing you want is feedback, as that is what will help you grow. And above all else, have fun! People in this industry look for people that truly enjoy what they do and are passionate about their jobs."