Paul Russell Barrett



Paul Russell Barrett is a multifaceted creative professional with a diverse background and career spanning academia, digital media, marketing, communications, education, counselling, coaching, and conscious business. He brings a unique blend of expertise and passion to his work, empowering individuals and organisations alike to thrive in today's dynamic and ever-evolving landscape.

Paul's professional trajectory is marked by a series of roles in the higher education, natural health and wellness, eCommerce, non-profit, and telecommunications spaces. He has worked as a digital marketer and consultant to formulate data-driven marketing strategies and spearhead transformational projects leveraging digital content. His impactful leadership, holistic approach, and strategic vision have been instrumental in driving innovation, facilitating change, and fostering collaboration within his respective fields.

Paul is committed to teaching, mentorship, and professional development, guiding the next generation of creative marketers, digital content creators, and online entrepreneurs. He is dedicated to fostering a collaborative and inclusive learning environment, empowering his students, clients, and colleagues alike to excel in business, professional, and academic settings.

At Yoobee College of Creative Innovation he tutors 2nd and 3rd year university students studying the Bachelor of Digital Innovation. Courses include: Traditional & online marketing; digital content creation; data analytics; project management; purpose-driven leadership; growth hacking; innovation models; & academic/research skills.

As a content creator, Paul’s visually captivating posts, informative captions, and authentic storytelling, invite his audience to join him on a journey of exploration, education, and action aimed at protecting our planet and fostering a deeper connection with the natural world. From the majestic peaks of snow-capped mountains to the serene tranquility of ancient forests, and idyllic tropical beaches, his love for nature knows no bounds. His social media profiles serve as a canvas where he shares glimpses of the breathtaking beauty and ecological diversity that define our world's most pristine landscapes. Through stunning photography, short video clips, and heartfelt narratives, Paul captures the essence of each environment he encounters, inspiring others to appreciate and cherish the wonders of nature.

Paul holds a master’s degree in guidance and counselling from James Cook University. He is currently studying towards another in creative industries through SAE, which includes a significant research component, as well as a graduate diploma in Māori media at AUT. He also has a postgraduate teaching qualification, an associate degree in psychology, a liberal arts degree majoring in communications, as well as a diploma of art (graphic design). His academic journey has equipped him with a robust foundation in interpersonal and intercultural communication skills, digital marketing methodologies, multimedia content creation, social sciences, and languages, laying the groundwork for his future endeavours, which include further postgraduate study and interdisciplinary research spanning the realms of new media technologies, creative practice, and expanded states of consciousness.

Looking ahead, Paul remains steadfast in his commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering innovation. Whether through his research, academic pursuits, or collaborative ventures, he continues to push the boundaries of what is possible, inspiring others to follow suit.


Master of Guidance and Counselling

James Cook University, Queensland, Australia, 2024


GradCert(TESOL): Graduate Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Bond University, Queensland, Australia, 2013


Associate Degree (Psychology, Humanities and Social Sciences)

Bond University, Queensland, Australia, 2012


Bachelor of Liberal Studies (Communications): Internet Communications, Web Design and Development, Psychology, Mandarin, Italian

Griffith University, Queensland, Australia, 2012


Diploma in Art, Graphic Design & Multimedia

Institute for Design, Queensland, Australia, 2003

Certificate in Adult Teaching (CAT)

Yoobee Colleges, New Zealand, 2023


Practitioner Certification (Neuro-linguistic programming)

Life Changing Solutions, Queensland, Australia, 2011


Certificate IV (Clinical Hypnosis)

Career Accelerators, Queensland, Australia, 2011


TESOL Certification (Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language/ESL Language Instruction)

Teach International, Auckland, New Zealand, 2004




Research Outputs


Theses and Dissertations (Open Access)

Barrett, P. (2024). Treating trauma via altered states of consciousness induced by plant-based psychedelics [Unpublished master’s thesis]. James Cook University, Queensland, Australia.


Awarded Ngāi Tahu Postgraduate Scholarship, New Zealand, 2023.

Awarded Ngāti Mutunga Postgraduate Scholarship, New Zealand, 2023.

Awarded Ngāti Mutunga Whare Kauri Postgraduate Scholarship, New Zealand, 2023.

Awarded Rural and Regional Enterprise Scholarship for Masters Studies, Queensland Government, Queensland, 2022.