Block Course

SFX Makeup & Digital Design BLOCK COURSE

Level10 weeks

This fascinating course introduces students to the fields of film, photography, and special effects makeup. During their five weeks with Cut Above, students will learn every aspect of the trade, including how to create cuts, fresh and old scars, and burns of the first, second, and third degrees. Students will study film and photography for the following five weeks at South Seas Film School, where they will learn about pre-production methods, storyboarding, camera fundamentals, postproduction, and editing. Let the ideas you've created come to life.

10 weeks (Every Friday Only) | On Campus


This course is available at the Cut Above Auckland Campus. Fill out the enrolment form to view start dates.

You'll Learn:

  • Create cuts and scars

  • Emulate first, second and third degree burns

  • Film and photography fundamentals

  • Post-production and editing

  • Merging their SFX makeup with their practical film skills


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Students must be at least 15 years of age or in years 11-13 at Secondary School.




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