Holiday Programme

Visual Effects - Holiday Programme

This four-day course will introduce you to Adobe After Effects and the key techniques required to make an epic VFX sequence.


Tuesday - Friday | 9am – 3pm | On Campus 

Learn how to make visual effects for film


Have you ever wondered how a lightsaber works on screen? Then check out the VFX holiday programme.  

You will create simple characters and backgrounds in two-dimensional environments which are often used in advertisements, films, TV, computer games and websites. 

  • VFX Fundamentals & Principles of Visual Effects 

  • The VFX pipeline 

  • Understanding After Effects 

  • Rotoscoping & Tracking 

  • Keying and Blending Modes 

  • Compositing 


Course Start Dates



A bit more information


  • Adobe Photoshop 

  • Adobe After Effects

Domestic and International Students 

$300 (including GST) 

For secondary school students interested in this programme, contact your school to check if there is funding available for you. 

For schools applying on behalf of their students, apply online through our website and on the payment screen, select 'Pay by Invoice' and add your school's name under 'Company Name'.

This programme is a School Holiday Programme designed for secondary school students. To enrol you must be Year 9 - Year 13.



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