Holiday Programme

Character Design & Illustration

5 days

Combine the powers of digital design with the art of storytelling and watch as your imagination takes flight with Character Design and Illustration!

SHP CharacterDesign

5 Days | 9am – 3pm | On Campus

Experience industry techniques in character design these holidays!


This five-day course will introduce you to the digital and technical skills used in the industry for creating in-depth and immersive character stories and design.

  • Develop character profiles and story

  • Adobe Photoshop basics

  • Fundamentals of character design

  • Traditional drawing exercises 

  • Wacom Tablets are provided!

Digital Illustration techniques produce artwork across multiple formats and mediums (Anime, Cartoon, Fashion, Commercial) and these skills can complement many design professions. 



Course Start Dates



A bit more information

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Wacom Tablet (provided)

Domestic and International Students

$300 (including GST)

For secondary school students interested in this programme, contact your school to check if there is funding available for you.

For schools applying on behalf of their students, apply online through our website and on the payment screen, select 'Pay by Invoice' and add your school's name under 'Company Name'.

This programme is a School Holiday Programme designed for secondary school students. To enrol you must be Year 9-Year 13.