Short Course
Online Option

Illustrator Essentials

2 days

Powering graphics for everything from video games, websites, promotional and print media and brand logos, Illustrator is a key tool.



9am - 3pm each day | On-campus | Remote Learning

Learn the secrets of eye-catching brand design with Adobe Illustrator.


Design attention-grabbing logos, typography and infographics with Illustrator, the world’s leading vector graphics tool. Powering graphics for everything from video games, websites, promotional and print media and brand logos, Illustrator is a key tool. Illustrator Essentials is the perfect companion course to Photoshop Essentials and InDesign Essentials, with most design businesses using all three in tandem.

Live Online Classes - Remote Learning Only

Live online classes are a friendly and supportive alternative to watching video tutorials – you’re able to ask questions and receive answers from an experienced Yoobee tutor in real time. Your tutor will share their screen, demonstrating professional tools and techniques, then support you as you follow along, completing activities during class time.

Live classes are supported by an active class forum where your tutor provides additional information and feedback outside of class times. Live classes are mostly recorded, so you can review them in your own time if you need to review any content.


A bit more information


Adobe Illustrator

Remote Learning Only

Please make sure you have tested your own software prior to class, this course uses Adobe Illustrator which is not provided by Yoobee Colleges.

Campus Intakes

Classes are taught in a computer lab onsite, computers have Adobe CC installed. 


For optimal performance when studying remotely, we recommend:

  • Your computer is up to date (ensure you have the latest version of the necessary plug-ins, drivers, bug fixes and security updates)

  • You have reliable internet speed and connection.

  • Your computer has access to a webcam and microphone.

  • Please do not use a Chromebook - Chromebooks are not intended for heavy-duty processing such as Adobe Creative Cloud software so it is best to avoid using these.

For more information on general computer requirements, visit our FAQ's here

Domestic Students

$520.00 (including GST)

International Students*

$720.00 (including GST)

*International students, Please contact us directly here to finalise enrolment and payment opposed to applying online. This course is open to individuals living or residing in New Zealand only.

Payment Options

  • Pay by Invoice (Eligible for Organisations/Schools only)

  • Pay at a Campus (During office hours only)

Yoobee Colleges reserves the right to modify the fees, scheduled time and course structure. To see more about other Terms and Conditions, please click here.

As this is an introductory course no prior experience is needed although proficiency with computers is useful.International students need to be at least 18 years old.

Remote Learning Only

You will need a computer that has access to reliable internet, webcam and microphone.

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