NCEA Credit Course

Game Development – NCEA Credit Course

Be introduced to professional game design and development. Learn coding fundamentals using C# language, create design concepts and develop a playable level using Unity.

Wednesdays | 9am – 3pm | 11 Credits at Level 3 | On Campus 

Plan, design and code a game with Unity! 


This 10-week programme covers: 

  • Coding fundamentals using the C# (C Sharp) language 

  • Develop a programme to control gameplay and interaction 

  • Generate draft design concepts and create a design mood board 

  • Develop code in the Unity Game Engine - including greybox testing and debugging processes 

By the end of this course, you’ll complete a simple, playable level and package it for distribution.  

These courses are applicable to those currently studying NCEA Level 1 - 3 and are comfortable and competent with Level 3 study. 


Unit Standard details:  

US 18741 - Create a computer program to provide a solution (6 Credits)  

US 18750 - Produce a learner focused electronic training package for organisation use (5 Credits)  


Course Start Dates



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Domestic and International Students 

$750 (including GST) 

For secondary school students interested in this programme, contact your school to check if there is funding available for you. 

For schools applying on behalf of their students, apply online through our website and on the payment screen, select 'Pay by Invoice' and add your school's name under 'Company Name'.

This programme is a NCEA Credit Course designed for secondary school students. To enrol you must be Year 11 - Year 13.



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