Disability and Neurodiverse Learner Support

If you're one of our students and you have an impairment or disability, medical condition, or injury that might affect your studies, don't worry – we’ve got you.

We want everyone to be successful and reach their full potential, and we believe in creating a campus environment that's safe, inclusive, and free from any kind of discrimination.

Confidential support from day one

So, what exactly does this mean for you? Well, when you first enrol at Yoobee, we’ll ask if there's any specific support you need or if there are any barriers you think you might encounter during your studies. This information is kept confidential, so you don't have to worry about anyone else finding out about it without your permission. After that, you'll get to meet with a Learner Success Co-Ordinator who will work with you to create a dedicated support plan that meets your needs.

A safe space on campus

And if you're someone who's hypersensitive to sensory information or just need a quiet space to self-regulate, we have sensory spaces available at some of our campuses. These spaces are equipped with products that can help with de-escalation.

Yoobee also offers additional support services like:

  • pastoral care

  • counselling for mental health and wellbeing

  • stress management

  • relationship concerns, and student advocacy.

Plus, if you're looking to connect with disability agencies or organisations in New Zealand, here’s some links to check out.

If you need any further information or assistance, just reach out to your onsite Learner Success Team member and they'll be happy to help you out.







Meet Angelo Cherrington 

As someone with autism, the pathway to higher education and the workforce can be challenging. With the supportive team at Yoobee College of Creative Innovation, I’ve learnt how to manage my personal challenges in a classroom environment and make meaningful steps towards my dream career.

The Learner Success Team at Yoobee provided me with the individual support I needed to manage my stress levels and workload, so I felt empowered to confidently complete my studies. The team have become like a family to me – helping me believe in myself as much as my mother does. I’ve really enjoyed the programmes at Yoobee as they focus on developing important life skills – such as problem-solving, collaboration and strong communication – that will serve me well in the workforce.

The neurodiverse-friendly programmes at Yoobee make it easy to learn how to use complicated software like Photoshop, Adobe, Maya, and Toon Boom.

My achievement of a Level 6 Diploma in Animation with Yoobee proves that having dyslexia does not mean you cannot achieve education and career success.

-Angelo Cherrington


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