Yoobee Grads produce TVNZ series ‘The Vloggingtons’

Yoobee Grads produce TVNZ series ‘The Vloggingtons’

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Yoobee Colleges paired up with Yoozoo Animations to place three Bachelor of Animation graduates in the production of TVNZ show 'The Vloggingtons.'

Yoozoo is an Auckland-based studio, animation and design studio that works with a large network of animators, illustrators, musicians, writers, and software developers.

The graduates worked with Yoozoo as 2D-animators for the short-bite New Zealand series, now in its second season.  

“The grads offered a strong comedic posing and eye for detail in puppet and hand-drawn animation breakdowns that were central to the mechanics of episodes,” says Julian Stokoe, founder and creative director of Yoozoo. 

“We had such a positive outcome with the grads that we will certainly reach out to Yoobee Colleges when we get the chance to work on our next long-form series.”

Aimed at 7 to 9-year-olds, the show follows the exploits of four kids who try to turn their everyday moments into epic video productions.

The shows’ tales are told in true Kiwi humour with a board of voices and writers hailed as New Zealand comedy royalty – a force in kids’ entertainment.

Currently, a video game based on the show is in the works.

The Vloggingtons is available to watch on TVNZ OnDemand.