Indigenous Legends Scholarship

Maori & Pasifika Scholarship


Yoobee Colleges is proud to introduce the Indigenous Legends Scholarship, the scholarship will help to promote more Maori and Pasifika to pursue a career in the Creative Industry be it as a Graphic Designer, Animator, Game Developer or any of the roles that the industry offers.

All Yoobee Colleges will be offering one (1) scholarship per February 2021 intake.

  • Auckland Campus (Auckland CBD, North Shore, Manukau)
  • Rotorua Campus
  • Wellington Campus
  • Christchurch Campus


The Indigenous Legends Scholarship is a premier Maori and Pasifika scholarship, that supports high achieving Maori and Pasifika people that are looking at starting a career in the Creative Industries. It enables recipients to excel and is for those with strengths in these three key pillars:

1. Strong attachment to their culture
2. High academic achievement
3. Passion to create/design

Recipients will be supported during their studies with industry trained tutors as well as extensive support staff that have a lot of experience in their respective fields. 


To be eligible for the Indigenous Legends Scholarship applicants must first meet all of the following requirements.

1. Be of Maori or Pasifika descent 
2. Be over the age of 16
3. Be a New Zealand citizen

The Selection Panel will also take into account the applicant’s willingness and ability to fully participate in, and contribute to, the Indigenous Legends programme.


We invite you to create for us a submission that has a traditional cultural element.

Your job is to think outside the square and submit a design, animation (hand-drawn or digital), short video or series of photographs.

Your submission must contain traditional cultural elements.

The scholarship entitles the winner to a fully-paid scholarship and entrance into a programme offered by Yoobee Colleges – a full year of tertiary study starting in February 2021.

The scholarship cannot be redeemed for cash or transferred to another person. Should the winners be eligible for their first year free under the FEES FREE policy, the scholarship will transfer to cover the second year of study at Yoobee Colleges. 

What you need to do:

• Create your submission.
• Complete application and documentation. Download the entry form here.
• Tell us your story, your interest in our programme and why we should pick YOU!
• Find a reference (someone to tell us how awesome you are at your chosen field).

All entries must be submitted by 8 January 2021 @ 11.59pm

Any questions and submissions to:

Aaron Hetaraka, July's Indigenous Legends Scholarship Winner  

Aaron Hetaraka is our most recent recipient of our Indigenous Legends Scholarship at our Colombo Street campus in Christchurch.

"I am grateful l to receive this and to be able to study again at Yoobee. I will use this opportunity to continue honing my skills in 3D and animation while also gaining new skills to become a proficient animator and 3D modeller.

Being Maori has inspired me to want to make animations when I was young. I used to watch a lot of cartoons on TV and as I grew older over the years I wanted to create good content that represents our culture and New Zealand and thanks to the scholarship I feel like I have gotten closer to reaching my goal.

(Tutor Colin Pragg on the left, Aaron on the right)

I started drawing when I was 4 years old and ever since then I kept drawing nonstop honing my skills as the years go on while also acquiring new skills, adapting from digital to 3D graphics and would not have gotten this far if it wasn't for Yoobee.

My studies at Yoobee have been very helpful and educational, learning new things that I didn't think were possible and gaining new experiences as well as practicing them tirelessly. However I was also able to make some new friends along the way that would lookout for me and encourage me to succeed.

Before I started attending Yoobee I didn't really have anywhere else to go nor did I care, at the time I was dealing with depression so that didn't help whatsoever, so when I started attending I wasn't interested in making friends, I was just trying to get through the course as best as I could but then I met some amazing individuals that befriended me, and made me

laugh with them, my personality went from cold and indifferent to warm and open. I am grateful that I met these people who changed my life around and I probably wouldn't have not gotten this far.

Working with a team has been a challenging and an enjoyable experience. Creating characters and bringing them to life and doing animations with them has been a wonderful experience.

I am excited to learn more about 3D graphics and animation."

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