Bachelor of Digital Innovation Scholarships


Introducing the "Diversity in Adversity" scholarship for a Bachelor of Digital Innovation at Yoobee Colleges! This scholarship is designed for students from diverse backgrounds who have demonstrated a commitment to overcoming adversity and pursuing excellence in the field of digital innovation, marketing, and design.

At Yoobee Colleges, we believe that diversity is key to driving innovation and progress. By investing in a diverse group of students, we aim to create an inclusive environment that fosters creativity and collaboration. This scholarship is intended to help students overcome financial barriers and gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the rapidly evolving field of digital innovation, marketing, and design.

Recipients of this scholarship will have access to our cutting-edge Bachelor of Digital Innovation program, which covers a wide range of topics such as digital design, data analytics, user experience design, and digital marketing. They will also have the opportunity to collaborate with faculty and peers from diverse backgrounds, building a network that will last long after graduation.

This scholarship is offered to students who are passionate about innovation in the creative industries. The Digital Innovation scholarship offers students 100% of their tuition fees paid for each year of Yoobee’s Bachelor of Digital Innovation Degree. Please note course-related costs are not covered by this scholarship. 

Eligibility criteria:

The selection criteria for the "Diversity in Adversity" scholarship at Yoobee Colleges include the following factors:

  • Demonstrated commitment to overcoming adversity: Applicants should be able to demonstrate how they have overcome challenges or adversity in their life, and how they have shown resilience and determination in pursuing their goals.

  • Passion for digital innovation, marketing, and design: Applicants should have a genuine interest and enthusiasm for the field of digital innovation, marketing, and design, and be able to articulate their goals and aspirations for how they would like to make an impact in this field.

  • Diversity: The scholarship is specifically designed to support students from diverse backgrounds, and applicants who can bring a unique perspective or experience to the program will be strongly considered.

  • Financial need: Applicants should demonstrate that they require financial assistance to pursue their education, and that the scholarship would make a significant difference in their ability to attend Yoobee Colleges.

While academic achievement is not a mandatory requirement, it will be taken into consideration along with the above criteria. We recognize that students from diverse backgrounds may have faced barriers that impacted their academic performance. Therefore, we take a holistic approach to evaluating applications, considering a range of factors to identify students who have the potential to thrive in the Bachelor of Digital Innovation program and who would benefit from the financial assistance and supportive environment provided by the scholarship. Please note to be eligible to apply you must be a NZ Permanent Resident or NZ Citizen.

What you need to do:

  • Submit a letter/email from you telling us your story, your interest in our programme, future aspirations and why we should pick YOU!

  • A reference letter (someone to tell us how awesome you are at your chosen field).

  • Begin an application for our Bachelor of Digital Innovation by filling in the form below

Please note:

Applications close for July 2023 intakes on the 2nd June 2023

Applications close for February 2024 intakes on the 31st December 2023 

Any questions and submissions to:

*The scholarship cannot be redeemed for cash or transferred to another person. Should the winners be eligible for their first year free under the FEES FREE policy, the scholarship will transfer to cover the second and third year of study at Yoobee Colleges.


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