Yoobee Women in Tech Scholarships


At Yoobee we want to support women succeeding in a historically male dominated field. If you identify as female and have consistently demonstrated exceptional potential and a passion for technology, then you should consider applying for a Yoobee Women in Tech Scholarship.

The Scholarships offer students 90% of their fees payment to put towards their fees for each year of the Bachelor Software Engineering degree.

Selection Criteria

To be eligible to apply you must:

  • Identify as female

  • Be a NZ Permanent Resident or NZ Citizen

  • Have completed Year 13

  • Apply for the first year of the Bachelor of Software Engineering

  • Demonstrate the potential for academic excellence in Technology or related subjects by providing your Academic Transcript

How do I apply?

To apply explicitly state that you are applying for this scholarship in your Letter of Intent, which is part of your official Yoobee College of Creative Innovation application.

Additional information

The submissions will be judged by Yoobee College of Creative Innovation's Academic and Admissions Panel, which will consist of representatives from the programme that the student is applying for as well as members from the Admissions department.

The scholarship entitles you to a 90% discount on the tuition fees for all three years of the programme. The remaining amount owing per year in tuition fees is eligible to be paid through studylink or personal payment. Please note course-related costs are not covered by this scholarship. 

Living costs are also eligible to be paid via studylink. Find out more about living costs in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch here

The scholarship recipient is expected to maintain a minimum GPA and complete the course in the standard duration of the programme.

Please note:

Applications close for July 2023 intakes on the 2nd June 2023 

Applications close for February 2024 intakes on the 31st December 2023


Any questions and submissions to:


*The scholarship cannot be redeemed for cash or transferred to another person. Should the winners be eligible for their first year free under the FEES FREE policy, the scholarship will transfer to cover the second and third year of study at Yoobee Colleges.