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Learn to break the rules and change the future with a mix of marketing, design, tech & entrepreneurship skills. You'll get work experience with global innovators and can apply for a scholarship from Google!




Digital Innovation
Open to international students
Bachelor of Digital Innovation
LevelLevel 7
Level32 weeks

This all-encompassing Bachelor’s Degree will teach you the foundations and fundamentals of marketing, design, web, content creation, campaigns, branding, products and more. Each year you will build on your core knowledge and experience, to future-proof your skill-set for an exciting career ahead.

Open to international students
Diploma in Creative Marketing
LevelLevel 5
Level32 weeks

This course teaches you the foundations and fundamentals of design, web, content creation, digital marketing, campaigns, and consumer behavior. You will use real-world scenarios to inspire your entrepreneurial spirit and prepare you for working across multiple marketing disciplines.



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